Lightning? What Lightning?

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Occasionally we need to close the pool or delay its opening because of lightening and/or thunder. A couple of patrons were asking recently about the process for determining when to close for weather related events. Because lightning’s behavior is random and unpredictable, we take a very conservative attitude towards it. The majority of our management team has their Certified Pool Operator’s License. We (and all the area pools) follow the standard industry practice and keep the pool closed for 30 minutes after the last thunder is heard.  So every time we hear another rumble of thunder, the 30-minute clock is reset. The decision to close the pool and when it can re-open is made only by the manager on duty.

Often during these weather events, patrons are asked to stay off the premises or in their cars. Swimming pools such as ours are connected to a much larger surface area via underground water pipes, gas lines, electric and telephone wiring, etc. Lightning strikes to the ground anywhere on this metallic network may induce shocks elsewhere. Because we don’t have much room “under cover,” we may ask folks to wait for things to clear before coming onto the facility. You are safer in your car than in our facility.

Hopefully this addresses any questions folks have about how we manage thunder and lightning situations. Feel free to reach out to the manager on duty if you have any further questions!

Harry Singer

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