The Commissioners, Managers and Staff of the Nor-Gwyn Pool look forward to another great summer at the pool beginning on Opening Day Saturday, May 23rd, 2020.  Highlighted below is some new and important information for 2020.  See complete registration details at: 2020 Hours, Fees and Registration.


Our registration process has changed.  Member registration will open around March 1st, but for existing and recent members ONLY; this prior-member registration will run for the month of March.  Then beginning around April 1st, registration will expand to include everyone, regardless of prior membership status.


Based on our experience, we anticipate all available membership slots will be filled earlier than usual, possibly even prior to May 1st.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or call us at 215-699-5111.



2020 Registration and Fees

There will be two registration periods and three ways to register:

March 1 – March 31 – Registration period for returning members only (those with memberships within the last three years)

April 1 – Until we reach capacity – General Registration for new and returning members

Three ways to register:

1. On-line Registration (Preferred, credit cards only):

Returning members: You will receive registration documentation via email around March 1st.  Please do NOT create a new profile if you have difficulty logging in, instead use the Forgot Password feature to access the registration system.  Creating a duplicate profile will invalidate your ID card and cause delays at your first visit.

New members: (if you have not been a member in the past 3 years) Please visit our website,, during the general registration period and click the member logon button in the upper right-hand corner to begin the new member registration process.

2. Mail-in Registration: If you want to pay by check, you may download the registration form from the website New and returning members are subject to the same capacity limits and registration availability dates as on-line registration.

3. In-Person Registration: If there are membership slots remaining by opening day (May 23rd), registration can be done in person at the front booth. Please note: membership slots may be closed before opening day.

During the General Registration period both new and returning memberships will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.  Registration for all will close when the pool’s capacity is reached.   New and returning members are encouraged to register promptly; available membership slots are likely to be filled earlier than ever, possibly even prior to May 1st.

*******Once registration is closed you will NOT be able to add additional members to your family membership*******


Regular Registration

Twilight Registration

Senior Citizen $65 N/A
Individual $150 $110
Family of 2 $275 $200
Family of 3 $305 $230
Family of 4 $335 $260
Family of 5 $365 $290
Family of 6 $395 $320
Family of 7 $425 $350
Family of 8+ email:




The Nor-Gwyn Pool Commission

Jim Cherry, Andy Dziedzic, Eric Hanson, Missy Krise, , Ginny Oldt, Eion O’Neill, Harry Singer

The Nor-Gwyn Pool Management Team:

Manager: Beth McConnell, Facilities Manager: David O’Donnel,

Swim Team Liaison:

Alyssa McDuell