Facilities Manager Job Opportunity (Part Time)

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The Nor-Gwyn Pool Commission is looking for a part time Facilities Manager to support the operation of our seasonal aquatic facility.  The job description is below.  Interested candidates should email Harry Singer at harrym.singer@outlook.com.

Facilities Manager Job Description (Part Time)


  1. Under the direction of the Nor-Gwyn Pool Commission, maintain and operate a large outdoor, seasonal Aquatic Facility including an Olympic-sized swimming pool, tot pool, diving well and related amenities to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for our patrons.
  2. Manage and supervise a maintenance team of between 2 and 4 employees to ensure facility readiness by providing work direction, technical guidance, and training to maintenance staff.
  3. This is a seasonal position with most activity in the spring and fall; year-round availability for meetings and project work is required.


  1. Maintenance/operation. Typical duties include:
  2. The safe operation, repair, and maintenance of mechanical equipment for pool operation including: water filtration and chemical purification systems, intake and outlet valves, chemical feeders, pumps, compressors, seals, vacuum equipment, and chlorine metering devices
  3. Ensuring non-mechanical pool equipment, buildings and facility components meet code specifications
  4. Consultation and/or participation in major repairs and institutional improvements
  5. Oversees annual startup/shut down tasks… ie: draining, inspection, repair, filling, preparation of pools. Opening/winterizing of locker rooms/bath rooms, maintenance of grounds and associated equipment; cleaning and winterizing pool buildings and pool equipment
  6. Implementation and management of a preventive maintenance program for pool operations
  7. Direct and monitor ongoing maintenance operations including: the storage of pool chemicals; sanitizing swim decks and acid-wash of pool, decks, gutters, and filters; vacuuming of pool floors
  8. Safety. Typical duties include:
  9. Ensure the safe handling of all pool chemicals and equipment
  10. Instruct maintenance staff on equipment used to maintain pool and building
  11. Administrative. Typical duties include:
    1. Attendance at monthly Pool Commission meetings
    2. Contribute on bid specifications for contracted work
    3. Manage certain vendor activities
    4. Prepare regular reports as necessary


  1. Experience in maintaining and repairing commercial swimming pool mechanical equipment including water intake, outlet, and diatomaceous earth (DE) filtration systems
  2. Strong mechanical aptitude, specifically in the the operation of hand and power tools associated with plumbing, electrical, and pool maintenance
  3. Must be able to distinguish colorized water testing charts, be able to work outdoors in various weather conditions, and lift up to 45lbs
  4. Must possess a working knowledge of safety and health codes for public swimming pools as well as safety procedures for storing, handling, and using pool chemicals
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